Waiting for One Savior to Save Us All

During the time the country of Israel came to be, there were many who opposed it. Most interesting of those groups were the Jewish people who thought it was wrong to construct a homeland for the Jewish people. They said since God promised to do it they should wait for God to do it, or clearly show them what to do.

This is the attitude that crushes human progression. Civilization forgets in countless ways and everyday that it can can be it’s own force of change. This is not a religious principal, we do not need to think of “God” to understand that there is potential, for harmony, unity, and power in this world. We need think only of ourselves, our ability to move out from the dark and progress into the light.

We can end separation. If we think of the homeless, the alone, and those needing what we could learn to give, we can find a way to change life in our society and on our planet. It is hard to think of how we alone and aside from all other generations could help alter the lives of millions of people, and the infinite more to come after us, but turning the corner takes place at a single point.

Every path must be lit, and our light is information. By informing ourselves we actively devolop and stay on the right path. If we take the time we are given, look into the lives of one another and into the isles of stored up knowledge in our past, we’ll find how irrevocably we are all together. Then the decision will not be whether or not to move forward together, but how.

Through arts, conservation, and informed consumption we can move the world. Through expression, moderation, and buying from responsible and innovative companies, we can move forward.


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