Open Letter To The New Decade

2010, you’re already here, and even though I’m sure you have plans of your own, I hope you don’t mind some encouragement. Up till now, you’ve basically done whatever you wanted. Through good times and bad you’ve reacted the best you new how. There have been lots of bad times. We had a recession, natural disasters, wars, and global warming. On top of that we’ve had many other continuing and growing problems, like poverty, homelessness, corrupt governments, and mass famine.

If we’ve learned anything from everything that’s happened, it’s that no matter how things change, we’re all going to keep going. The fact that your here is proof of that. I think you should find this encouraging and learn to pay attention to the flow. Our problems won’t be solved by wishing everything was back to normal. Sometimes I feel like your sticking your hand out of this global caravan looking for something stationary to hold on to. At the very best that’ll just get your hand ripped off.

This new year, new decade, is your chance. It’s a chance for all of us. Our problems are confronting us, but what we don’t know is that we’re fully equipped to handle them. The world isn’t going to end. We have time to change as much as we can. We have to make this decade in which we change our selves, because that is what it means to move forward into a future of our choosing.

2010 you can’t just blindly react to the present anymore. It’s time we start constructing the future as it should be. Stop pretending you can’t see the death, the starvation, the hatred and separation. It’s not bad that these things exist, because if we acknowledge their existence we can decide what to do about them.

This year we have to crush everything that separates us, because those are the things that blind us. Those that are suffering on other continents have to feel like friends, would we ignore the cries of a next door neighbor. When did we start thinking that people who are far away are less human. We have to look at the homeless around us and see ourselves, our own potential to get in bad situations. When did we start thinking people who are poorer, and people who make bad decisions are worthless. Would we continue to tell our friends “I told you so” while they set up sleeping bags on the street next to shopping carts. The world is full of people just like us, we’re all just in different places, but this year we have to end the idea that being in different places means we are different.

Love is what connects people. Not just the sort of love between family members. We are also connected to every other person who exists and has ever existed, they are the ones who defined and created our lives. This decade we need to use our ability to connect, to lift up those who need lifting so that we can all project our love together into a better future.


The Present


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