Homeless Teens

Homelessness is one of the most devastating aspects of American culture. People who live on the streets are cut off from the system of growth and safety that most of us enjoy. It’s particularly sad when we see young people who are stuck on the streets. Their potential is being unappreciated and not enough people are reaching out to help them.

“Being a teenager is hard enough. I can’t imagine dealing with crushes, bullies, homework and homelessness. These teens should be thinking about the prom, not where they’ll sleep each night.” from Change.org.

”   • 1.3 million
The number of homeless youth and youth runaways living on the streets of America.

1 out of every 7
The number of youth (15%) who will run away before their 18th birthday.

46 percent
The number of runaways who had been physically abused before running away from home.   ” see more statistics at YouthNoise.com

What Can We Do To Help


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