It’s not enough to talk, because humans are realer than words. In an effort to improve the world we must take as many steps as we can to affect change. We must lend our hands to those we live with, and that means every person we meet. We live with them, and yet pretend not to see their pain. When we see those less fortunate, we feel shame and sadness, and we turn away mentally. Instead we should allow ourselves to feel those emotions, because they are what will motivate us to take control of the power to change.

“Make Giving Normal” Campaign

ShineArc is encouraging it’s readers to give what they can to organizations that have made giving easy. It doesn’t always have to cost money.

In a recession it’s hard to give because we can’t stop thinking about how we have less, but the only thing we have less of is money. There are still plenty of ways we can give. But for many of us, there are still many things we can give and enrich our lives at the same time.


Easy Donations

Kiva.Org – Lend and Lend Again
Goodwill and other similair charities
HungerSite – 1 Click Donates a Cup of Food – Your Search is a Donation